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What’s your Money Mood?

When it comes to spending and saving habits, everyone has a dominant
mood. Often, it’s that larger-than-life mood that clouds your vision, influences
your decision-making, and keeps you from establishing a firm financial

Whether you’re Spontaneous, Generous, Dreamy, Guarded, or Passive,
exploring your Money Mood unlocks the possibility of having more knowledge
and control over your financial future.

A modern financial education program, Money Moods helps women of
all ages explore their relationship with money, embrace the prism of their
Money Moods, and recolor their lives with confidence and clarity. It’s a guided
program and methodology that helps reshape outlooks and outcomes.

The Money Moods experience starts with an 11-question quiz, followed by a
10-minute Money Chat. Participants choose from three program levels that
include components like Personalized Methodology Sessions, Accountability
Coaching, Spend & Save Accounts, a Money App, and more.

Money Moods gets you in the mood to deal with your Money Mood.
Photo of Money Moods

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