Edward Kronsberg

Addlestone International Corp


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Professional Bio

A Charleston native, father of three boys, Ed has spent most of his time focused on Charleston's small business growth and success. A practicing attorney since 1992, he left his firm and joined Addlestone International in 1999, as Vice President and Corporate Counsel, and has served as its President since 2001. The company's focus has become renovation and rejuvenation of Charleston's business communities. Ed has served as the Chair of the Charleston Housing Authority, on the College of Charleston Library Advisory Board, Past Chair of the Charleston Jewish Foundation, Past President of the Hebrew Benevolent & Orphan Societies, Past Chair of Charleston Jewish Federation Allocations Committee, Charleston Day School Board of Trustees, Avondale Business Association, and is a past recipient of the WestOf West Ashley Community Leadership Award.


Parent: Addlestone International Corp

P.O. Box 979 Charleston, SC 29402


Photo of Edward Kronsberg