Donate to Lowcountry Local First


Hooray, you’re here! Welcome to the team, fellow Localist. Your donation today will fuel a small but mighty team of Lowcountry Local First staff members who work hard every day to:

  • shift individual and commercial spending to the local businesses who are making the Lowcountry unique and vibrant,
  • connect local business leaders to each other to create a community that supports, guides, celebrates, and contributes to each other’s success,
  • elevate the stories of the innovative, industrious leaders who are pouring their hearts and energy into shaping our community with their creative ventures,
  • put together resources and learning opportunities to inspire, inform, and hold up business as a force for good,
  • train and support traditionally-overlooked entrepreneurs to ensure that more families can build generational wealth and transform their community.

Ways to give:

  1. Online (below)
  2. Mail: 1859 Summerville Ave, Suite 800, Charleston SC 29405
  3. Phone: 843-801-3390

Questions? Call us at 843-801-3390 or contact Jacquie Berger at

Thank you for supporting your community by living, loving, and giving local!