Local Retailer Meetup @ Local Love CHS

Hey local retailers - we should hang out.

It takes a special kind of deeply determined visionary to run a local, independent, brick & mortar in Charleston. You've got a lot coming at you. You keep your finger on the pulse. You cater to a local audience with global tastes and vice versa. It's a lot.

At Lowcountry Local First we believe that getting together to build community around your unique set of challenges and opportunities can make the road you're walking less daunting and more fun. So here is your special invitation to take some time out of your morning to come gather at Local Love CHS with your peers, trade insights, seek solutions, and support each other. 

We can't wait to see you.

Local Retailer Meetup: Talk & Tour at Local Love CHS
Thursday, July 18, 2024
10AM - 12PM
Local Love CHS
1238 Camp Road, (next to Paisanos), Charleston

LLF MEMBERS ONLY. Capacity is limited.


For More Information:

Jacquie Berger

Jacquie Berger

Executive Director