Wishbone Heritage Farms

1070 W Raysor St Saint George, SC 29477



Member Since: 2023

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Organization Overview

Wishbone Heritage Farms helps people rebuild a relationship with their food, where it comes from, how it is grown or raised, and how best to prepare it. We are looking to establish a direct relationship between the community and the land by using biodynamic, sustainable, and regenerative methods and being fully transparent. At Wishbone, we create enjoyable, healthy, fun, sustainable food and share it with love in the Charleston and Summerville communities. Our farm plan is built on an intensive grazing system which begins by systematically spreading cover and forage crop seed in advance of systematic animal rotations. These plants, legumes, and grasses recondition and improve the soil while giving our animals high density fresh nutrition as they are rotated around pasture. As the animals proceed, they cut back the forage, sequestering carbon, and leaving organic material in the form of roots under the surface and fertilizer in the form of their manure above it.
Photo of Wishbone Heritage Farms


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