#GoodBiz24: Is AI The Great Equalizer?

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Guest Blog Post by Zach Giglio, GCM:

I was honored to moderate this incredible [Good Business Summit] panel on demystifying AI. Here are some of my favorite takeaways:

Eric Elliott gave tons of good advice on how to approach AI while still relying on what makes us uniquely human. One of his best tips was to stay in your own area of genius when leveraging AI. This helps you get the most out of the tools and avoid some of the issues AI can still create, like hallucinations.

Julissa Nixon, MSW mentioned so many practical tips for the average person using AI that I couldn’t list them all here if I tried. But one of my favorites was asking the AI model to first state its understanding of the task before trying to complete it. She will sometimes tell AI to ask any clarifying questions to make sure it has all the info it needs to deliver a good output.

George Zwierko really helped us understand AI as a natural evolution of technology and, therefore, something we need not fear. He talked about other tech developments like websites and social media and how businesses were reluctant at first and found themselves behind if they didn’t adopt the tech right away. His advice: start using AI now as a differentiator or risk falling behind.

Thank you to Lowcountry Local First for inviting me to moderate this panel at this year’s Good Business Summit. I am proud to be a part of advancing your mission and look forward to more collaborations in the future.

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Zach Giglio, GCM (Giglio Communications & Marketing)