Building Local Prosperity Week: Christian Senger



“I did the typical big Charleston events and touristy things – which are all great, but I wasn’t digging into it until I had been here a while and started to meet people. And after 4 or 5 years here, around August 2011, I launched Holy City Sinner. And the reason for that was because i was learning about all of these cool people and events and charities – who weren’t getting as much coverage in the normal outlets.


Lots of cities have cool things to look at, to visit … restaurants to eat at. But the thing that can set a city apart from others is a sense of community – no matter how big or small a city is. If you feel that the people are supporting each other, they care about each other and support one another – it gives it a different feeling.


I’ve been a part of the Localist program for over a year now – but have always supported the work you all do and have always paid attention to it. The stuff like collaboration and being willing to work with one another that I mentioned – that’s essentially what you all promote and drive. You’re a central hub for that. And as much as people want to help and support one another – it can be difficult to make those connections and find resources for what’s a true local business. So being involved with Lowcountry Local First – you guys are that one-stop-shop – the hub for where to find out what’s local, who needs what, who’s willing to collaborate, etc. You’re bringing people together. Ad it makes it that much easier.


If you support a local business, that in turn supports other local business – your money’s going to those places and you’re helping your community become that much stronger.


I’m obviously a huge Charleston advocate. And i love it here.”

– Christian Singer,, Localist member

Watch Christian’s full story here.



At Lowcountry Local First we are building an economy that is anchored in local ownership, because we believe that local-independent businesses are the cornerstone of our culture, economy and character. We are the on-the-ground advocate working around-the-clock for our homegrown businesses – ultimately shaping the community we want.

Will you help us to continue to build local prosperity? Will you choose the Lowcountry?