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  • Fill out this brief form to let us know how your business is being impacted and what you’re currently doing to pivot your product/service offerings due to COVID-19.
  • Find out which businesses are offering gift certificates, online ordering, delivery, virtual services, and much more by visiting
  • Pledge to support your local-independent businesses.
  • Download and use these social graphics to update your customers on your adjusted offerings.
  • Read our opinion piece shared by Charleston City Paper and Post and Courier. Listen in to our chat with Richard Todd on the Bridge 105.5 (aired Mar 20).
  • Buy a gift card online now to support a local restaurant / bar and unlock it with a greater value at a later date.
  • View the Charleston City Paper’s recent list of ways you can support local farmers.
  • FOX 24 News is pledging to give half a million dollars in free commercial air-time to locally owned & operated businesses.If your business is being negatively affected by this crisis, email them at
  • Dezba Payment Solutions recommends business owners reach out to their POS providers and / or credit card processors and ask for reduced or deferred costs for these functions. They should be willing to work with you.
  • Facebook has launched a $100 million grant program for small businesses affected by the virus.


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Crisis Communications, recorded Mar 20. View video and slides.
Navigating Business Relief Options with the SBA, recorded Mar 24. View video and slides.
It’s On My Mind: Marketing & Management Tasks During Coronavirus & Social Distancing, recorded Mar 25. View video. View slides.

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What we’re advocating for with our local officials:


  • Expedite permitting for small businesses who are overwhelmed by regulations, arbitrary design requirements and multiple government agency hurdles
  • Provide FREE parking downtown for employees and patrons
  • Create an emergency leave and income assistance fund to support those who lose income in circumstances directly or indirectly related to the spread of the coronavirus to compliment the Families First Relief Bill. *This is currently in the works with the City of Charleston and will be voted on Tuesday, March 24th. We are working with the City and LDC Charleston to engage the business community. Other municipalities are being encouraged to offer similar support.
  • Provide grants to support small businesses that will allow them to keep on employees.
    Waive impact fees.
  • Let farmers’ markets stay open. They should be treated like grocery stores. Our growers, fishers and purveyors need us now more than ever.
What we’re advocating for with our state officials:


  • Suspend all tax payments (sales, beer, wine, income etc.) for the duration of the recession starting with April 1 payments. *Current policy has this starting in April.
  • Expedite payments to hourly employees who are laid off due to closures, COVID-19 related illness (themselves or caring for others) or lack of business.
What we’re advocating for with our federal officials:


  • Grants to support local businesses, particularly the food and beverage industry that we rely so heavily upon and who are getting hit the hardest.
  • Suspend all income tax payments for the duration of the recession.
  • Provide 0% interest loans to small businesses.