In Support of the Human Affairs and Racial Conciliation Commission

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Lowcountry Local First supports the approval of the Human Affairs and Racial Conciliation Commission to continue to provide focus on policy solutions to address equity and economic empowerment in the City of Charleston. As we work to transform lives and build sustainable communities through business ownership, we realize the opportunities have not been – and still are not – equal for all members of our community.


Economic empowerment through business ownership is the American dream and a path to creating generational wealth, yet systemic barriers have created an unequal playing field for Black citizens.


The ‘Economic Empowerment’ recommendations are a starting place for discussion to address opportunities for Black-owned businesses. By improving access to capital; reducing income disparity; creating opportunities to compete for government projects; and creating accountability systems (because we can’t improve these conditions if they are not measured,) we can begin to dismantle the structures that have served to systematically impede prosperity, and in doing so advance economic equity.


The above image is included in the Commission’s report from Aug 2021.