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Member Since: 2023

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Organization Overview

Founded by spiritual activist, Kat Niambi aka The Hungry Medium; Middleton-Cooke Farms Inc., is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization dedicated to the memory of her mother and father:
Emily Middleton and Bennett W. Cooke.

“As a native Gullah Geechee daughter, I’ve “returned” to Charleston, SC (my ancestral home), to honor the farming legacy of my ancestors by creating mixed-use greenspaces; havens of rest, relaxation, and ancestral veneration for black women. Middleton Cooke Farms is envisioned to be a destination location for healing and a direct source of local food security, sustainability, and commerce.”

Kat’s main objective is to create a space and platform that supports the nurturing and rest of Black women through…

Land Reclamation and Regeneration

Liberation; both physically and spiritually

While we continue to progress, the evolution of our journey continues to be documented in Kat’s journal on MCF's website.

Photo of Middleton Cooke Farms, Inc

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Women-Owned Business, Minority-Owned Business

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