City of Goose Creek, Lowcountry Local First announce economic development partnership

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A new collaboration between the City of Goose Creek and Lowcountry Local First will mean localized business training, workforce development, and economic development.

Goose Creek City Council approved a two-year partnership with Lowcountry Local First that will leverage existing business resources and industry expertise to grow the local economy and promote Goose Creek as a strong community for business success. The partnership will officially kick off in the first quarter of 2022.


The two-year partnership includes the following initiatives:

The Good Enterprises Program
The partnership will host two Good Enterprises Program training cohorts. The classes will provide hands-on training in business planning and management for existing and aspiring entrepreneurs. Each cohort will be composed of a minimum of 70% low-income participants. One cohort will be delivered in English, and one in Spanish. Graduates will receive a year-long access to Lowcountry Local First’s Business Accelerator Services program, providing them with further one-on-one expert assistance.

Existing Business Training
Lowcountry Local First will deliver four workshops for business owners through its Good Business Workshop Series. The workshops’ business development training will address the most pressing challenges, skills gaps, and business climate issues facing local business owners. Business owners will have access to subject matter experts across a variety of subjects and direct connection to City staff and resources.

Holiday Season Buy Local Campaign
The campaign will work with local businesses to market an official Buy Local Pledge, create a Buy Local Market Calendar, and expand distribution of Certified Local Badges to enhance the existing Goose Creek Local campaign.

Community Storefront Challenge
The goals of the Storefront Challenge are to incubate minority business owners seeking a brick and mortar establishment and provide economic opportunity for those who live in the City of Goose Creek. The winner of the Challenge will be placed with a partner property owner with a one-year subsidized lease rate.


“We are thrilled to have this opportunity to partner with the City of Goose Creek to take on some highly visible and transformational projects. From attracting new businesses to supporting emerging entrepreneurs, this work will build community wealth and enhance the quality of life for Goose Creek residents now and in the years to come.” – Jacquie Berger, Executive Director of Lowcountry Local First

“These are the types of transformative partnerships we are always looking for at the City. We are excited for the possibilities that this collaboration presents, and can’t wait to get it kicked off. Look for big things from this partnership and our business community in the coming year.” – Greg Habib, Mayor, City of Goose Creek