#GoodBiz22 Poem: Dare to Dream

General News,

Dare to Dream


by Jammie Huynh; Written and performed live on Feb 24, 2022 at the Charleston Music Hall for the 9th annual Good Business Summit

We were all born dreamers.

Dreams of space, of kings and queens,

monsters and magic. We dreamed,

then we dreamed some more.

We dreamed of being presidents and

astronauts, of flying or turning invisible.

Even if it was just for a moment,

we were superheroes,

and nothing seemed impossible.


We dreamed like dreams were infinite,

like one day we wouldn’t struggle to get out of bed,

like one day we wouldn’t struggle to find our passion,

like one day we wouldn’t struggle to just exist.


We grew up to inherit a world

with COVID and all of its variants,

a housing crisis in our city,

the brink of war with Russia,

and something called NFTs.


Somewhere along the way

We grew afraid of failure.

What was once a pebble

easily kicked away,

became a wall that stopped us

from taking even one step forward.


At what age did we decide to stop

letting ourselves dream?


At what age did we decide we were more afraid of failure

then we were of never achieving our dreams?


Suddenly, what once came to us so easily

is now rare and terrifying.

Something so fragile you could

shatter it with just one doubt,

one critic, one bad review.


We have shed the armor of youth,

naked and vulnerable in the cold winds

of our world, we must find it in us to

light our own spark again


We must dare to dream.

Even if you are too scared to believe in it

too scared to hope for it.

Ever when others are telling you,

Don’t do it. No. What if you fail?


Be five again.

Be the child who dared to

believe they could do anything,

the one with infinite dreams.

Say it out loud.

Breathe it into our universe.

Cradle this soft, fragile

thing until it can stand on its own.


Every business started as a dream, a leap someone

was willing to take. But you never take it alone.

Hold on to those who tell you, you can do it.

And reach for the hands that will help

guide you on the right path.


I mean that’s why you’re here, right?


To Dream is to be Brave.

You are magicians pulling

an idea into a reality,

an intangible thought that threatens

to swim away at every mishap or mistake or setback,

but before me are people who clutched

and wrestled their dreams into existence.

People who dared to touch the wall

to find it was only a mirage.


To the business-owners and entrepreneurs,

You are brave.

You are brave and courageous

and more likely than not, you’ve been discouraged,

but still, here you are, your dreams no longer glass

but boulders that can withstand

the force of anything pushing against it.


Today at this moment, I would like to applaud you

The beating heart of every city,

you bring home to our streets,

something special no one else has.

You make the world feel a little less cold,

a little less strange. The stop of weary travelers,

you are what makes people want to come back.

Your efforts, your imagination, your bravery,

you breathe life into our cities,

the secret ingredient to our charm,

you give us all a little something to look forward

to when we have a little extra cash or a day off.

Your very existence is inspiring, watching people from our communities

rise up and chase their dreams, well,

I’ll be damned if that doesn’t make the rest of us runners.