Podcast Episode 11: Rick Crawford, Emerger Strategies

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Get to know the Lowcountry’s local-independent business community, one changemaker at a time. “Small Talks, Big Ideas with Steve” is a podcast that features local business insights and updates, alongside interviews with members, sponsors, and supporters.


For our 11th episode, Steve sits down with Rick Crawford, founder of Emerger Strategies. After graduating from college, Rick moved from the Lowcountry of Savannah, GA to the Rocky Mountains of Wyoming and spent several years living in Jackson Hole. It was during this time that he fell in love with the sport of fly fishing and decided to pursue a career protecting what he loves. Crawford then pursued an MBA in Sustainable Business from Marylhurst University and has spent over a decade in the sustainability field doing everything from installing solar panels, manufacturing biodiesel and working at a couple of green building software start-ups. However, Rick decided to marry his passion for fly fishing and sustainability when he founded the sustainable business consultancy, Emerger Strategies in 2016.


Emerger Strategies’ mission is to measure and improve your sustainability performance, reduce your overall greenhouse gas emissions, and help you tell a compelling story to customers through transparent reporting. Rick is also the creator and host of the award-winning podcast, The Sustainable Angler, which is a platform to provide sustainability education, inspiration and activism by sharing success stories of the people and brands working to protect the fisheries and wild places we love. Most recently, Crawford has founded the Fly Fishing Climate Alliance, which is made up of guides, shops, lodges, brands & nonprofits who have committed to going Carbon Neutral by 2030. Rick currently lives in Charleston, SC with his family where he enjoys chasing tailing redfish, surfing and protecting what he loves.




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