Podcast Episode 18: Mike McCloskey, Griffith Acres Furniture

Posted By: Erika Grimes Podcasts,

OCT 11, 2022

Get to know the Lowcountry’s local-independent business community, one changemaker at a time. “Small Talks, Big Ideas with Steve” is a podcast that features local business insights and updates, alongside interviews with members, sponsors, and supporters.

For our 18th episode, Steve sits down with Mike McCloskey. Mike is a third generation carpenter from New York with a passion for crafting high-quality, sustainably sourced, heirloom tables. After years brokering commercial real estate lenses in New York, Mike decided it was time for a change and eventually found himself honing his woodworking skills in North Carolina, learning the deceptively complex art of table finishing in Durham. After moving to Cottageville, SC, Mike began building his own tables from scratch. In 2021, he founded Griffith Acres Furniture, a Lowcountry-headquared custom table making business that specializes in creating one-of-a-kind tables for the home and office.