Podcast Episode 19: Dr. Seth Strauss, Ideal Posture and Spine

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For our 19th episode, Steve sits down with Dr. Seth Strauss of Ideal Posture and Spine.

“Howzit! I’m DrStrauss. I have a passion for health restoration. Why? You have been failed and lied to by our current medical system. According to the American Journal of Medicine, and the, British Medical Journal, Iatrogenic deaths (Medical errors) are the number one cause of death in America. When it comes to your most important asset, your health, the current system has nothing to offer you. The fire department can only stop the building from burning down, they can not repair the building, or most importantly prevent the fire from happening in the first place. It is my passion to provide my patients with better solutions and outcomes. You were designed to be healthy, and you are always healing. Facts. My daily conversations with patients are proof enough of all the lies, misinformation, and blatant capitalization on human health. With over 15 years of experience in maximizing performance and minimizing injuries. I have worked with professional mixed martial arts fighters, rugby players, weekend warriors, fathers, mothers, children, and everything in between, from all over the world. Suppose you are a human being who cares to do better. In that case, I can help you design an integrative, individualized plan to improve your quality of life by reducing physical and emotional pain from injury and “aging” and eliminating the need for pharmaceuticals or surgery.”  Dr. Strauss