Podcast Episode 26: Merideth Garrigan, Enlightened Soil

Posted By: Erika Grimes Podcasts,

Get to know the Lowcountry’s local-independent business community, one changemaker at a time. “Small Talks, Big Ideas with Steve” is a podcast that features local business insights and updates, alongside interviews with members, sponsors, and supporters. For our 26th episode, Steve sits down with Merideth Garrigan. Merideth is a native of Mississippi and grew up exploring and photographing the vast back roads, gardens, farms, and dairies in her family history. Her experiences of connection in these landscapes really shaped her purpose in life.

Merideth is a life-long learner, with an innate curiosity and wonder influenced by her dad in a deep and lasting way. She received a Journalism degree at the University of Mississippi and followed with a concentrated study of traditional and alternative photography at the Creative Circus in Atlanta, GA. She went on to work for several publications before starting her own freelance photography business in 2008.

Merideth has raised two daughters in Charleston, SC.  She was drawn to the community here, its beauty, and to the familiar rural landscapes of home. As an avid grower of food, protector of water, and constant promoter gardens that support health through Biodiversity, Merideth has evolved a 20+year journey into a new career.  Merideth is a certified permaculturalist and a master rain gardener.  She is focused on whole-systems design and regenerative methods for land repair and water protection.  

Merideth’s first encounter with EnSoil Algae and the way it nourished the soil and the plant life is a milestone day in her life. The knowledge we need to design and develop a sustainable and regenerative culture has been provided by our ancestors and from all living systems in place on Earth. All we need to do is to listen.

Driven by a deep desire to help heal people, communities, and to heal Mother Earth, Merideth find’s her fulfillment in helping people realize their dreams and supporting these dreamers at grassroots levels. She believes our strength is in our ability to collaborate to promote balance, biodiversity and resilience. We can do so much better.  

She is passionate about connecting humans with nature and with each other.  She is here to act as a bridge in our community to foster those connections that ensure a sacred, healthy ecology and fair and balanced economy.