July 2023 Advocacy Updates

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Below are things you should know or take action on right now as a local-independent business owner or community leader:

  • Federal Regulation Updates / Congress Updates

    • Amazon Litigation: "The Biden administration is planning to take action soon on at least three of its half-dozen investigations of Amazon — moves that could lead to a blitz of litigation to rein in the iconic tech-industry giant." - Via Politico.com. Read more.

    • Credit Card Competition Act: "American businesses pay seven times more in [credit card] swipe fees than businesses in Europe and five times more than businesses in China." 

      ...Concentrated market power is the single biggest threat facing independent businesses, and it has become clear we have a financial system that benefits behemoth corporations at the expense of ordinary people and small businesses. Our coalition partners have identified exorbitant credit card interchange fees – also known as swipe fees – as a top issue undermining their small business members, who report that swipe fees are now their highest expense after payroll, even though Visa and Mastercard add only nominal value to the goods and services these merchants provide. ..." - Read more via Institute for Local Self Reliance's Small Business Rising coalition

  • Local Alerts

    • Hurricane Evacuation Survey: The South Carolina Emergency Management Division's (SCEMD) Hurricane Evacuation Study is underway ahead of the 2023 hurricane season. With your input, this study will guide how the state plans for and responds to hurricanes in South Carolina. Previous studies helped develop the state's evacuation zones, refine planning timelines, and determine the best ways to reach residents with emergency information. This new hurricane evacuation study will help state and local emergency managers adapt to changing communities and populations. The survey responses are anonymous. Anyone over 18 years old living in or owning property in coastal South Carolina is encouraged to answer the survey. The survey will close in September 2023 and the full study is expected to be completed by the end of 2024. You can find the Hurricane Evacuation Study online. Questions? Email SCEMD.

  • LLF Member Resource: Local Expertise Exchange, a curated network of “experts” in a variety of business service fields who are willing and glad to give of their time to their fellow local business owners and managers to give a bit of complimentary and confidential guidance. Learn more and get involved.

Questions? Input? Let us know.